This MadeInIndia 3D Printer can revolutionize the affordable Tech-Space in India! #Hindustan360

Seeking to make these next-gen devices more accessible and affordable, tech startup Maher Soft has created Indie, a made-in-India 3D printer. View more at #Hindustan360.
While some of us are still struggling with our regular printers, much of the world has moved on to the phenomenon of 3D printing. Since the 1980s when it first emerged in the spotlight, 3D printing has gained in popularity for its capacity to showcase designs in a three-dimensional manner. American economist and social theorist Jeremy Rifkin has even called it the start of a third Industrial Revolution.
As many a design or tech geek will excitedly confirm, 3D printers are almost magical in the capacity to swiftly create an object from its design using the machine. Think crockery, miniature animals, jewellery—while industries can use it to create prototypes, personal 3D printers can bring about a complete transformation in creativity and consumption.

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