RAW The Invisible Backbone Of India’s Defence Forces #Hindustan360

There have been stories, legends and rumours about various Indian spies and their escapades across the world that have been the source of intrigue for a whole generation and more. View more at #Hindustan360.
Without excluding, of course, the institution and the structure behind them that has been the backbone of Indian intelligence and strategic operations since 1968, the Research & Analysis Wing.
Secrets about RAW that we thought you should definitely know

RAW was established on the 21st of September, 1968, in response to the Sino-Indian war.

RAW once turned around a strategic move made by Pakistan, against them.

The ‘Black Tiger’ was one of RAW’s most successful secret agents.

RAW is an independent wing.

RAW was the agency responsible for keeping operation Smiling Buddha a secret.

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