DRDO’s Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research developed capsules out of fungus #Hindustan360

DRDO’s Defence Institute of Bio-Energy Research at Nainital has developed capsules out of fungus, which is grown on the insects at high altitude of the Himalayas. View more at #Hindustan360.
These drugs are used for curing several diseases. Speaking to this newspaper, Dr P.S. Negi, a scientist of the institute, said, “This fungus is grown at 11,000 feet altitude in the Himalayas in Nepal, Tibet and India. Locally called as Yarsh Gamboo or Kira Ghas, it is a parasite on lepidopteron insect larvae. It is used for curing TB, bronchitis, asthama, hepatitis and other ailments. It contains cordycepin, which has aphrodisiac value too.”
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