India steams ahead in the battle for naval supremacy in the Indian Ocean to encounter China #Hindustan360

Since 2011, India’s naval voyages across the world’s third-largest ocean have grown in number by 300%, according to consultancy firm IHS Markit, bolstering the country’s presence in a key region where China has been making inroads. View more at #Hindustan360.

The One Belt, One Road project involves setting up of road and rail routes, oil and natural gas pipelines, and other infrastructure projects—running through central Asia to as far as Venice—and the setting up of ports and sea infrastructure between south Asia and the northern Mediterranean Sea.

The Indian Navy currently has a fleet of 137 ships while the Chinese Navy boasts a fleet of 300 ships. But, India plans to add some 100 new warships, including two aircraft carriers and three nuclear-powered submarines, over the next 12 years, spending $61 billion.

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