How the Sthans of Mahanubhav Pantha are classified, how the presence of Parmeshwar avatar is defined there #DandvatPranam

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Ubhaydarshi avatar having relation with any of the inertness and the place are sacred. These sacred place and objects have the two special forces 1. Maya Samarthya Shakti and 2. Kripa Shakti. In the Sathan the Maya Samarthya (माया सामर्थ्य) is President and the Anushangik (आनुषांगिक) is Subsidiary. But where the blessing of the god is present, where the Parmeshwar avatar (Ubhaydarshi avatar) have taken the stand for the sufficient days are having the Anushangik (आनुषांगिक) as President and Maya Samarthya (माया सामर्थ्य) as Subsidiary.

Classification of Sthan

Aasan Sthan – आसनस्थान
Charan Chari – चरणचारि
Vasti Sthan – वसति स्थान
Kudi Vasti – कुड़ी वसति
Sthan – स्थान
Avasthan – अवस्थान
Mahasthan – महास्थान

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