Because regulation is essential to practice of religion, we should try to meet regularly with other aspiring devotees of Shree Chakradhar Swami #DandvatPranam


../.. Dandvat Pranam ../..
Mahanubhav Pantha one of the ancient Pantha. Mahanubhav Pantha worships 5 avatars of Lord called Pancha Krisnas Avatars. Pantha means the path or the way. The Mahanubhav Pantha leads you the way which guides you to live a meaningful life with the grace of God.
The places visited by Prabhu Ji Shri Chakradhar Swami during his travel for propagation of the Pantha are known as the Teertha Sthan (Holy Places of our Pantha) and the place where Shri Chakradhar Swami have taken stay and slept over there are know as […]

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