Mahasthan Sarpadwaypathan Sthan, when two snakes had fallen on the Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji’s chest #DandvatPranam

../.. Dandvat Pranam ../..
Mahasthan Sarpadwaypathan Sthan (Wadner-Bhujang) सर्पद्वयपतन स्थान (वडनेर-भुजंग) as all of the Mahanuvhava Panth members know that Sarpadwaypathan Sthan is the one of the Mahasthan in our culture. Sarpadwaypathan Sthan is at the north direction of the Anjangaon – Kakada road at Wadner-Bhujang village. The leela is explained below.
Bhagwan Sarvadnya Shree Chakradhar Swami Ji came from Achapur town via Katesokarne to Wadner village. Swami Ji came here at evening time. Sawami Ji was going to Wateshwar temple to have a sleep. At the same time, the Priest was returning from the temple after […]

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