Positive India

When it comes to nation, my thoughts always search for the Progressive India, Innovative India, Leader of the world and making the move with leading Ideas. Looking for the day when India will claim the same title #VishwaGuru. Powering the blog with the impressive content #DograsWeblog – Nishant Dogra @mrdogra007

India jump up 30 places in World Bank’s Ease of doing Business Report and Reforms 2018 @Hindustan360

India’s ranking in the World Bank’s – Ease of Doing Business Index 2018, has made a giant leap of 30 positions – from 130 th in 2016 to the 100 th spot in 2017. View more at #Hindustan360.

Use of NOTA in election and what happen if NOTA is majority: Election Commission of India

“NOTA” or ‘None of the Above’ has been provided as an option to the voters of India in most elections. Through the usage of NOTA, a citizen can choose not to vote for any candidates who are contesting the elections.