Himachal Pradesh a state of Ancient Archielogy: Archaeological Survey of India #YesPahari

The Archaeological Survey of India have shared some of the Acient archaeology and monuments in its website. Himachal have its unique position in archieology. View more at #YesPahari.

Art and Architecture

The Monuments of the state of Himachal Pradesh reveal crosscurrents of cultural and stylistics exchange along with local innovation in Art. This art has mostly grown out of age-old cultural heritage and numerous religious beliefs. It represents and reveals the many faceted realities of the people living there. It is functional as well as decorative, the result of people’s reaction to their natural environment and hoary civilization.

Monuments of National Importance

This is a list of Monuments of National Importance (ASI) as officially recognised by and available through the website of the Archaeological Survey of India in the Indian state Himachal Pradesh. The monument identifier is a combination of the abbreviation of the subdivision of the list (state, ASI circle) and the numbering as published on the website of the ASI. 43 Monuments of National Importance have been recognized by the ASI in Himachal Pradesh.

SL. No. Description Location District
N-HP-1 Ganesh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-2 Laxmi (Lakhana) Devi temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-3 Mani Mahesh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-4 Nar Singh temple Bharmaur Chamba
N-HP-5 Shri Bajreshwari temple, Badrinath Chamba Chamba
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