Himachal Pradesh scaling up farming with chemical-free method @YesPahari

Himachal Pradesh, the country’s fruit and off-season vegetable bowl, has launched a scheme this year to scale up zero-budget natural farming, a chemical-free method, with Governor Acharya Devvrat taking the lead to sow the seeds of sustainability through nature’s way.

Himachal Pradesh scaling up farming with chemical-free method #YesPahari #DograsWeblog mrdogra007
Himachal Pradesh scaling up farming with chemical-free method @YesPahari

The state has adopted a zero-budget natural farming model, promoted by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar from Maharashtra, for the first time with a budgetary allocation of Rs 25 crore for this fiscal. The aim is to double the income of farmers by 2020 as declared by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Experts say input costs are minimal with no use of fertilisers and pesticides, resulting in high profits.

“Despite the excessive use of chemical fertilisers, the overall production of fruits, vegetables and cereals is declining even in the hill states, including ours. This is clear indication that the fertility of the soil is getting impaired,” Devvrat told IANS.

Even the availability of water for irrigation in the state is not sufficient.

“So, it’s necessary to bring qualitative improvement in the total agricultural system. This requires opting natural farming that will also help rejuvenating the barren land and minimising the use of water,” he said.

Devvrat, who is raising “desi” or indigenous cows in his palatial bungalow in the state capital, sees zero-budget natural farming as a transformation towards sustainable agriculture, a better deal for the farmers, consumers and also for the environment.

Devvrat believes his experimentation in doing zero-budget natural farming on his 200-acre farm in Gurukul, a 106-year-old boarding school in Haryana’s Kurukshetra district, is a grand success by depending largely on farm-raised indigenous cows.

He said as per data of Haryana Agricultural University, Kurukshetra has minimum 30 per cent biological carbon. Not even a single sample of the district was found where the quantity of organic carbon is more than 0.75 per cent.

Impressed with his advocacy to promote natural farming in the state, Prime Minister Modi entrusted Devvrat the responsibility to expand it across the country.

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