History Of India: Ancient Indian Art, Architecture and Archaeology Vol 1.0

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1)Relief depicting naval vessel, Borobudur Temple, Java(Indonesia) Dated: ~8th century CE or older Even before the accounts of the 1st century BC, there were written accounts of Shipbuilding and war-craft at sea.

1) Ever heard of this beautiful rock cut temple built in Nagara style? Viewing from ground level, Dharmarajeshwar monolithic rock cut temple, Chandawasa near Mandsaur(Madhya Pradesh) Dated: ~5th century CE The temple is rare example Rock cut nagara architecture.

How many of you heard about this amazing rock cut sculpture of SheshaShayi Vishnu? This colossal sculptures measures about 30feet in length and dates back to ~4-5th century CE. Erosion caused by nature is intense suggesting it’s antiquity.

Endere is an #archaeological site in Xinjiang, #China, in the southern #Taklamakan Desert, a part of the southern route of the ancient Silk Road. It has been tentatively identified with a place called Saca that is mentioned in documents written in Kharoṣṭhī script.

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