Human tracking device developed by Students of IIT Mandi #YesPahari

Students of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi, have developed a human tracking device that can be operated via mobile. View more at #YesPahari.

The device will work through GPS and will be helpful in detecting a person at any location. The prototype device was developed by students of IIT, Mandi, under the guidance of Hitesh Shrimali, Gopi Reddy, Ankush Bag and Kunal Ghosh. The device will cost around Rs 30,000 and can even be used by the Army to track the movement of a soldier when he is moving alone in remote areas. It will be helpful in detecting a person’s exact location in remote area.

Design Practicum Open House was held at IIT, Mandi, which witnessed a demonstration of low-cost technology prototypes for solving problems of society. These prototypes were developed by students as part of their design practicum course. Design practicum is a unique course offered by the institute for second year BTech students. Students learn product design, development, manufacturing and even marketing skills though the practicum course. Interdisciplinary teams of six students, who are randomly selected from different branches, propose product ideas and then build working prototypes.

TEDx programme organised

The TEDx programme was organised at IIT, Mandi, where Sachin Gupta, a renowned figure in the world of computer science and the chief executive officer and co-founder of HackerEarth, shared his experience with students to motivate them.

Another speaker was Major General GD Bakshi, a retired Army Officer and editor-in-chief of DSA magazine. He enlightened the audience with his views on increasing likelihood of impending war in the changing world.

Intra-college technical fest

Intra-college technical festival Aavishkar was conducted at the IIT campus this month in which BTech first year students made 25 technical projects under Avishkar.

The projects included remote home automation where you can control lights, fans, locking or opening door from anywhere in the room and automatic irrigation system because of which farmers won’t have to worry about waking up at 4 am to water crops. The sensors sense the water content in soil and automatically irrigate the soil.

Apart from this, other projects were Ishara – a helping hand for people who cannot speak, can use this device to convert their hand signals into audio signals; a weather station to collect weather data and generate reports; a landslide prediction system; a guiding stick for blind people; a robot which can make drawings and automatic fire extinguisher and few other.

BioX Centre inaugurated

A BioX Centre was inaugurated at the IIT campus. The centre is equipped with cell culture facility, tissue culture lab, a high-performance computing cluster, next genome sequencing, bioreactors, flow cytometer and stop flow for protein studies. The centre is also supported by the Advanced Material Research Centre at IIT Mandi.

View more at #YesPahari.

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